Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miracle On Order

I went on a special trip in October, 2009 with dear friends and a documentary film crew to Japan. The purpose of the trip was to reach out to the Japanese people about organ donation and cystic fibrosis. I dedicated this trip to all those who suffer with CF, those courageous and fortunate enough to receive lung transplants and the families who so compassionately allow their loved ones' organs to provide life for others. It was a remarkable and very touching adventure. One day I visited the Asakusa Kannon Temple in Tokyo with my friend Ana Stenzle. While there I was so moved by the history and the sense of so many people coming from around the world to say prayers and ask for compassion. I placed incense and made prayers for my daughter that she would one day experience the miracle of transplant saving her life and giving her a new lease on life. After our prayers we threw sticks for our fortune, a tradition at the Temple. The following is the fortune that I received. My heart was full of hope that indeed this may come true for my darling daughter. So, I wish to begin this blog with the fortune offered to me at that special place at that special time when I placed the order for a miracle........

When spring comes, Katsura tree flowers are in full bloom, smelling so well.
Your fortune will open wide when your season comes. If you get the chance, open,
you will get fame and honor, climbing the way to the top of the sky.
Also you meet a great person with honor who helps you.
The moon in the dark sky will get bright again,
in the clear sky, you can meet the fortune soon.
"Your request will be granted. The patient gets well soon."

Asakusa Kannon Temple
Tokyo, Japan
October, 2009

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  1. You never told me about this story! That is QUITE a fortune you got there!